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We deliver gender equality data - when you want it, where you want it and in the format of your choice. The data is collected automatically by our own software which enables real-time updated quality data with a 90 percent accuracy, minimizing the human error.

We are constantly scouering the Internet for data. Our software reads webpages, press releases, watches stock markets and indexes. We collect data for publicly traded companies all over the world. Our Nordic experience grants us valueble insights to the world's most gender equal region, aiding us in analysing other regions.

Gender equal data provided

  • Number/percentage of women and men on the board

  • Number/percentage of women and men in top management

  • Gender of CEO

  • Gender of Chairman

Regions and indexes

  • Sweden - Nasdaq Stockholm (~360 constituents)

  • Upcoming Global - MSCI World (~1,600 constituents)

  • Upcoming Europe - MSCI Europe (~450 constituents)

We work closely together with our customers and developing new customized data sets upon request.

Online Services

We serve companies worldwide and deliver the data in their requested format. We also meet standard safety protocols. Our data is compatible with the latest regulation coupled to GDPR.

Quality Assured Data

Historically, gender equality data has been gathered manually. Instead we collect the data with data science and making sure the human error is eliminated and guarantee 90 percent accuracy.


We have many year's experience in Management Consultancy and business driven gender equality. We can assist you in investment strategies, managerial change, competitor analysis, benchmarking and implementing best practices.

Real-time Data

Existing gender equality data is usually based on manually gathered data from annual reports that requires time-consuming labour and late data. Our software compiles data around the clock 24/7 ensuring you have the latest data.


We have a huge network when it comes to gender equality, the finance industry and creating insights based on data. Please contact us if you would like to be part of this community and change the world together.


Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden

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