Here at Equalytics we work hard to gather gender equality data. We update our software continuously to be able to provide you with correct and updated data.  

We have great office spaces though our breakroom could use an update.  

My plan is to decorate it in a simple but yet “homey” style that breaks off from the offices. 

I would like it to be a space for both relaxation and communication over a cup of tea.  

A place that changes your surrounding for a while to let you have a real break, both body and mind. 

At the moment I’m looking for posters to frame and hang on the walls and found this great site for inspiration called 

I wanted to find a poster that has a calming feel to it but at the same time not too distracting. 

Not an easy task you would think but I easily found what I was looking for at 

The perfect one – A picture of a calm and snowy landscape.  

In the largest format and with a white wooden frame it’s going to be perfect. 

I Also found a poster of a world map in grey and white. It’s now hanging in my office as a reminder to myself how important it is with gender equality all over the world – not just in our little corner.