Equalytics are a group of people that believe in a gender equal future. Also, they love to use new cutting-edge technology to create quality and real-time gender equality data.

Sandra Bourbon started to invest in gender equal companies in 2015. She wanted to invest in companies that shared her beliefs and at the same time get a great return. Her gender equal stock portfolio can be invested in via Aktieinvest.

Ludvig Lindqvist and Thibaut Bourbon share the passion for programming, deep learning, artificial intelligence and big data.

During a trip to Brussels they discussed how interest in gender equal investments had increased significantly the last few years. However, they say a lack of updated gender equality data to base investment decisions on.

One of the most equal teams in business they found at Giftcard / Gåvokort.net.

“What if we could build smart software and offer gender equality to investors so more people can invest gender equal?”. Said and done. We created Equalytics.