By using the latest cutting-edge technology, Equalytics have built their unique software that gathers gender equality data to a 98 percent accuracy in real-time. Nobody else does that.

By developing their software by themselves, they have complete control over the functions and nothing comes as a surprise. They do not rely on any third-party suppliers which minimizes the risk of downtime, sudden changes in algorithms or quality uncertainties. This also means that they can work closely together with their customers to develop new functions, data sets, methods and types of deliveries.


Gender equality data has been around for some years now. Historically is has been collected manually which adds restrictions in the frequency of updates and human error. Equalytics data is collected automatically. Nobody else can offer that.

Their software scoures the Internet every day to to ensure real-time information. It collects information about changes made in the data set's region, indexes and managerial changes. Managerial changes include both board members and the management team. Each member translates to a gender and the data is combined to display gender equality per company.


Privacy and respect is one of the most important values in Equalytics offering. They do not sell or display gathered names and use the highest IT security to secure their data.

As a part of their process they collect names and assign them a gender. The gender per company is then summarized and that is what they deliver to their customers. They do not sell or use the names for any other purpose than creating the gender equality data. Their data is stored in Europe and is compatible with the latest regulation coupled to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).